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3 juillet 2015

The Apricot tasty fruit

Who owned up to 30% market share in the UK, extended its sales in the USA and was ahead of IBM in the mid-80s in Europe?

Who was the first to launch speech recognition system for PC… in 1984?

Who introduced the first 3.5’’ floppy drive? The infrared trackball ? The keyboard with programmable functions keys along with a built-in LCD screen?

Who decided to deliver stylish designs, high resolution screens (800×400 in 1983), through a fully integrated conception in Scotland, allowing to manufacture in the early 90s one of the world’s most secure x86-based PCs?

The answer is Apricot, a brand apart, a brand with unusual form factors in a market dominated by standardized ‘’beige boxes’’, and with a long running pattern of tenaciously investing in technical innovation.

Apricot, a maverick brand with the intact seed to grow again.