Apricot, an innovative maverick :

Who was the first to launch a speech recognition system for PCs… way back in 1984? Who introduced the first 3.5’’ floppy disk drive, the infrared trackball, the keyboard with programmable function keys along with a built-in LCD screen ?

Apricot, a brand with design in its DNA :

Who decided to provide stylish designs and high resolution screens (800×400 in 1983), under the framework of a fully integrated concept, leading to the production of one of the world’s most secure x86-based PCs in the early 90s in Scotland? Who launched a truly portable computer in 1984 ?

Obviously, Apricot :

Who owned up to 30% of the market share in the UK, extended its sales in the USA and was ahead of IBM in the mid-80s in Europe? Which brand is currently present in five continents, allowing a safe and widespread use in almost all IT fields ?


The answer to all the above is Apricot, a brand apart, a brand with smart designs and a long history of technical innovation.


And now, Apricot has got what it takes to succeed and a promising future lies ahead for the brand. Let’s sow the seed and watch it bloom !

Apricot Computer logo brand relaunch